Discoveries for Children Montessori

Our Program

Discoveries for Children Montessori began providing educational programming for young children under the direction of two certified Montessori Directors, Cindy Albrecht and Heidi Dorfmeiser, in 1976.  Discoveries has maintained Montessori Certification, met State Licensing requirements, and provided the highest quality Montessori education for children for over 33 years.

Our vision for you and your child . . 

To provide opportunities for your child that will support them in becoming a responsible individual with a secure and positive self-concept.

To always recognize your child as a unique individual.

To provide a responsive, prepared environment within which your child is able to explore and expand their knowledge of language, literacy, math, science, music and art.

To provide an environment that nurtures socialization including concepts of sharing, taking turns, using polite words, and problem solving.

To provide trained and experienced Montessori teachers who will maximize your child’s learning experience. 

To provide freedom within limits by using positive guidance and logical consequences when helping children learn to productively participate in their classroom community.  For example, a teacher may say “please do,” rather than “please don’t."

To recognize varying cultural, political and socioeconomic levels by maintaining a non-sectarian and non-partisan program.

To provide parents with information and assistance in obtaining outside funding when applicable.

And to follow the American Montessori Code of Ethics:
"As American Montessori Society members, we pledge to conduct ourselves professionally and personally in ways that will reflect out respect for each other and for the children we serve.  We will do whatever is within our talents and capacity to protect the right of each child to have the freedom and opportunity to develop his full potential."